[Champion Concept] Warding Support

[](https://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/8.6.1/img/item/3340.png)I thought about a Champion that would manipulate and play around Wards. First I will go into the kit and then explain each and every ability and go into some combos and playstyle. --- --- --- > **Passive:** _GREATER VISION_ > > You can have up to 3/4/5/6 **Stealth Wards** _(at level 1/6/11/16)_ and 2 **Control Wards** placed on the map at the same time. --- > **Q:** _WARD JUMP_ > > _Active:_ > Jump on a **Ward**, deal damage to all nearby enemies and slow them. If you jump on an ally ward, destroy it and gain a **SIGHTSTONE** charge for your W. > If you destroy a **Control Ward**, struck enemies are knocked up aswell. --- > **W:** _SIGHTSTONE_ > > _Active:_ > Consume a charge to place a **Stealth Ward** that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Every third charge will place a **Control Ward** instead. > > A charge refills every 60 seconds and it caps at 3 charges. --- > **E:** _PROTECTIVE EYE_ > > _Active:_ > Shield an ally from incoming damage. If you target a **Ward** instead, shield every ally champion standing in the surrounding area of the targeted **Ward**. > > Every time you place a **Ward** reduce the Cooldown of this ability by 1. --- > **R:** _VISIONS WRATH_ > > _Active:_ > Choose a **Ward**. After a delay knock up all nearby enemies in a large area. --- --- --- This is my take on a champion who is based entirely on wards. This champion is a bruiser-ish Support which sets up kills with his CC and protects his Carries. This champion can place more than 3 wards at once on the map. This allows for greater vision. Also when he uses the wards for combat and his abilities he wont remove the vision he has set up somewhere else on the map, due to the higher cap. His Q is his bread and butter engage tool. He will place a ward ontop of the enemy and jump on the ward to gapclose and slow the enemy. Every third ward he places with his W is a Control Ward. So if the next ward is a Control Ward, he jumps in and knocks up the enemy instead of slowing them. Since you can also purchase Control Wards in the store, you don't need to wait till your W has a Control Ward ready; you can immediately place a Control Ward and thus have a quick entrance into the fight. He can also cylce through wards with his Q, because he destroys ally wards he jumps to and gets a charge for his W this way. To cylce the wards, place one with your W and destroy it with your Q. Do it two times and your next jump will be a knock up guaranteed. His W has a visualization below the healthbar, like Corkis Ultimate, that tells everyone if your next W will place a Control Ward or not. This will signal if your next jump will be a knock up or not. Play around it with purchased Control Wards. His E shields an ally, like Janna. But he can instead place a ward in the middle of the fight and shield the whole team this way. The R is his big engage tool. You would run Farsight Alteration {{item:3363}}, place it into the enemy team and press your ult on it. Like Galio ult, after a short delay you will knock every enemy up. After the big engage, jump with Q into the enemy aswell to slow them or knock them up again. When the enemy team engages on your team, you don't necessarily need Farsight Alteration. Instead you place a normal ward into your team, ult it and then jump ontop of it. This combo slows the enemy or knocks them up, then your ult hits and knocks them up again. This could turn a fight. It doesn't hurt him that he builds the blue trinket instead of the red one, because he is able to place many Control Wards with his W. If he wants to clear a ward, he can simply place a Control Ward with W and remove a ward this way. His weakness is that he has rather short range. With his Q he can only slow or knock up the enemy, if the enemy is standing fairly close to the ward. This is his only CC besides his Ult. Also if he uses this ability to run away, he wont be able to engage on you and turn the fight around. Also if you are playing a Support with CC aswell, you can CC him mid jump and this will cancel his CC completely. After that he can't do much and your Carry is free to attack him and the enemy Carry. A typical build could look something like this: {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:4}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3117}} {{item:2055}} {{item:3363}}
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