Draven vs Daris Rap Battle #2

{{champion:119}} : _Draaaaaaaaaaaaven_! That's my name! You better go back home with your axe filled with shame! My axes are the real deal! You'll just serve as a small meal! Destroying others in the bot lane! You stay on the island called top lane! I'm gonna gain momentum! Before killing my victim! In this case it's you! My axes will pass through you! {{champion:122}} : You weren't even accepted in the army, you scrub! You think you're better? I'm gonna treat you like a snub! Cause when you're at the execution! All I see is your pollution! You see, my lane ain't an island! It's more like a diamond! It's the lane where carries live! And it's where the strongest thrive! You better take your mic and take it somewhere else! Cause I'm gonna come at ya and hit you with my belts!
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