Riot leaked a potential new champion

Appearance: Human wearing a robe like. Primarys Role : SUPPORT Secondary Role : MAGE ABILITIES Innate: Dapper moving: when this unit casts healing spells including summoner spells it gains a burst of movement speed over 3 secs Q:First aids: Heal an ally or you for a percentage of the damage that it took the last few seconds , the heal is stronger if you delay the cast. W: Wish positions: After a short channel change positions with an ally or enemy. E: Bitter Medicine: Throws a skillshot that damages all enemies hit in a small area.The dmg is boosted by the heals done recently of an Percentage. R: Save:if you walk over a fallen ally and stay from some time you ressurect him in the position he fell. *I dont own any of these copyrights, all goes to Riot Games*

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