Server for (Southern) Africa

The world's biggest game just said "NO" to South Africa
After visiting South Africa, two members of Riot's Global Strategy team have concluded that South Africa does not meet the criteria for League of Legends server hosting. This is in effect means South Africa will not grow and develop alongside League of Legends' 67 Million other players, the world's largest game .
I know that this post has been made many times before, but it doesn't seem like the matter is getting Riot's attention. Is Riot possibly looking at creating a server in the southern part of Africa, or even Africa itself? We have heard nothing from Riot in the past 2 years and would really like an update as so much has changed since [their visit 2 years ago]( Amazon web services has also established 2 sites here in South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town) in December 2017 and I would also like to know if this influences Riot's decision? Does it improve the chances of a possible (even trial) server here? Here, [the link]( We would just like to know if Riot is thinking about this again? It would really be fantastic if we could get some feedback from Riot themselves again.
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