a counter to all assasins

Yo everyone stop smoking I have an idea to counter every assasins. Idc about lore or name so I will just jump to the abilitys Passive] Whenever there is a enemy nearby, their first attack will do 20% less dmg (this will be higher if you have low armor and hp). also all allys can see cloaked champions (not talking about true sight) Q] The champion takes her or his shield up and charges up, increasing her or his armor and also everyone near her or him. if attacked while casting (this also applys to the weakest player which is near you, scaled by hp and armor) will be stunned and reduced their armor (just a tiny bit) W] he or she takes out his or her longsword, which has 20% more attack speed and 10% more dmg. the champion is slowed but every third attack will knock the opponent in the air. ( you do 10% more dmg to minions) E] you will either give yourself or one of your allys a shield which all effects (basically a cleans) are denied within 2 seconds. and a extra health pool which when destroyed will push the enemy away and slowing them. btw this has a 50 sec cooldown R] she or he takes out his katana which changes his whole ability set (not his E ability) Q is now a combo which includes 3 moves 1. she or he holds her or his katana and dashes infront of her or him leaving a trace of poison or dark magic 2. she or he does a long dash but if hit by anything (not minions or any monsters) will cancel him or hers casting 3. she or he does a stab so hard it pushes them back and makes them bleed for 5 (the closer you are the longer you bleed. W ability is changed to a skillshot which throws her or his shield to a position and if you hit someone you can reactivate it to jump into the air and slaming the shield making a big shockwave, and if allys are nearby the shockwave they have increased movement speed and attack speed. btw this skillshot is pretty long and has only one use when in Ultimate form. this is a champion supposed to destroy every assassin in lane and maybe later on. btw I had nothing else to do so yeah sorry

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