Pool Party Annie

Annie wears a one-piece swimsuit ( Similar to Lulu's ) with an orange, red and blue flame decal. She's barefoot with an animal-themed track jacket ( Cat-themed, but can be bear, unicorn or crougar with chromas ) over her swimsuit. She also wears a snorkel set with the goggles being toggled with Ctrl+5. Unique: New auto attack animation. Holds a sand pale instead of Tibbers and splashes water on enemies as auto attacks. Also new dance, mimicking the Go Love and Peace dance from 0:20 to 0:27. https://youtu.be/BRe-Prja9uY?t=20 Passive: When stun is ready, a water veil rotates around her. Stunning enemies coats them in muddy sand. Q: Bigger splash with a shell within, with louder splash sound to ensure clarity. W: A giant wave of water is pushed into the cone shape, leaving a refreshing sparkling after effect. E: Annie guards herself within a beach ball. R: Annie summons a sand bear Tibbers, dripping water and attacking with a shovel. Recall: Annie happily jumps into a small pool, then begins to doggie paddle in circles before diving into the water and pulling up plushie Tibbers.
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