Hide and Seek in Summoners Rift! (modified rules)

Hide and Seek! (v2.4) The game is played by 5 Hiders and 2 Seekers, Hiders have 5 lives and will hide in the map and try to escape Seekers, Hiders can't attack Seekers, but they may use their CC abilities (slow, stun, etc.) on them, Seekers have to find and kill all the Hiders 5 times each in 40 minutes to win RULES Before starting, Hiders and Seekers have to farm minions without attacking each other and hit turrets until level 6; after a person has hit level 6, he needs to back. The players should avoid pushing to put in trouble the enemy's farming. The Seekers have to wait until 8:00 in their base before starting to hunt, while Hiders will find a place to hide right after they got back from farming. Every Hider has 5 lives and they lose one when they die, Seekers have to make them lose all their lives before 40:00 to win. •Everyone has to change their starting trinket to Oracle Lens {{item:3364}} •After 6:00 it's not allowed to farm minions, anyway you can stay near them to get XP •Jungle monsters and the Dragon can be farmed, but not before 6:00 (Rift Herald and Baron Nashor can't be killed) •All jungle plants can be used •The respective team that loses needs to surrend the game Hiders •You can hide/escape everywhere except in your base and in your turrets' range (P.S. The space between mid lane ally turrets is in turret range, you can't go there) •You can attack Seekers ONLY with CC abilities (slow,stun, etc.) and CC items don't count •After the game begins at 8:00 you can't recall or back to base •You can return to base and buy items only when you die •You can't stop a Seeker's recall •After dying and respawning you gain an immunity for 20 seconds and you can't be attacked •After losing all your lives you must stay in your base (you can also leave the game), anyway you can defend inner turrets by killing minions if they get in your base and you can't push the lanes •Deaths before 8:00 don't count as lives lost for hiders •If a Hider breaks a rule, a life can be subtracted from them Seekers •Hiders can't attack you, anyway, when you chase them, they are allowed to use CC abilities (slow,stun,etc.) but they can kill the seeker (not voluntarily) if he keeps chasing the hider with low health (200-300 HP) •Hiders can't stop your recall and you can go back to base whenever you want •When a Hider respawns after dying, they are immune for 20 seconds and you can't chase or attack them •If you Ace the Hiders team, all Seekers must recall and wait 20 seconds after everyone respawned before hunting again •{{item:2055}} Control Ward is allowed PRE-BANNED CHAMPIONS: {{champion:28}} Evelynn {{champion:141}} Kayn {{champion:7}} LeBlanc {{champion:133}} Quinn {{champion:35}} Shaco {{champion:91}} Talon {{champion:17}} Teemo {{champion:29}} Twitch {{champion:4}} Twisted Fate {{champion:78}} Poppy {{champion:121}} Kha'Zix {{champion:555}} Pyke (for hiders) {{champion:76}} Nidalee (for seekers) {{champion:19}} Warwick (for seekers) {{champion:120}} Hecarim (for seekers) {{champion:164}} Camille (for seekers) {{champion:107}} Rengar (for seekers) BANNED ITEMS: {{item:3751}} Bami's Cinder items {{item:3076}} Bramble Vest items {{item:3179}} Umbral Glave {{item:3905}} Twin Shadows Any support item like: {{item:3862}} , {{item:3854}} , {{item:3850}} etc.. SUMMONER SPELLS: {{summoner:14}} Ignite is banned GL HF! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Version v2.4 Update (29/12/2019) Specified rules Updated items to preseason 10 Updated bans
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