Trollers are more than normal decent players

i am a person who plays only normal games and have no interest in ranked for the time being just to practice as many champions as possible and so on , in normal queue i hardly find anyone who picks supp (like 1 for every 200 games there is someone that actually wants supp) , and the second thing is many players lock in as a role that has already been picked (also with incidence like 1 for every 300 games that there is no troll and all picked a different place) , now that you(riot) removed the draft pick option from normal games how should anyone play a decent game? , almost all players are trolls , you can't find a game without one of them , we are not supposed to play all day just to achieve first win , i have just lost 6 games in a row because there was a troll in each one of them and 4 games of them are without ADC , this game started to annoy me more than it amuses me , it is not a game for fun anymore with a community full of douche bags indecent low life low IQ stupid mentally retarded players like those trolls , please fix it , you need to fix your game riot , trolls are invading it like tumor cells , i am going to sleep right now with a rage episode although i initially wished i could have one first win game and sleep because i have exams , thank you developers for neglecting normal queue and taking care of ranked queue for the "upper-class" players , one day people will quit this game for good if you don't fix this issue , put a goddamn draft pick instead of blind one or just add a draft pick for normal queue as a permanent option. and one more thing , when i leave a game because the other 4 players picked top then they should get banned not me , i am having a leaver buster now for leaving a game where the other 4 primitive primate players picked top so i left in champion select and got leaver buster , that's the definition of "not-fair" for me and i think for any human with a brain capable of processing logic
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