Champion Concept: Tiberius, Commander of the Hexguard

Champion idea: Name: Tiberius Title: Field Commander of the Hexguard Lore: Under the siege of piltover a great commander rose from the ranks of the defending piltovians. Tiberius showed excellent abilities from tactics to frontline leadership. Tiberius looked down on his armchair general peers and was a source of great inspiration for his troops that saw his leadership as a clear way for victory over the noxian invaders. AA - 550 Range - Tiberius shoots with his Hex-augmented pistol Passive: Frontline General Tiberius’ commanding presence steels the nerves of his nearby allies granting (5-15) % damage reduction, in a radius of Tiberius’ AA range. Q - Take Aim! Costs (70/65/60/55/50) mana Cooldown (4/3.5/3/2.5/2) seconds Tiberius orders an infantryman to take aim on an enemy unit dealing (50/75/100/125/150) (0.3 AD) (0.5 AP) Physical damage. The infantryman can steady his aim for up to 5 seconds dealing 15 % increased damage per second. If the infantryman is hit for (30/50/70/90/110) damage or the target moves out of range the infantryman will make a panic shot dealing 50% reduced damage and losing all preparation damage. Tiberius can order the soldier to fire anytime during the duration. The soldier functions as a minion and can intercept skillshots. W - Move Soldier! Costs (50) mana Cooldown (15) seconds Tiberius shouts orders at his soldiers twice as hard, boosting morale for a duration of 4 seconds and increasing his soldiers preparation speed by (50/65/80/95/110)%. This also increases Tiberius’ move speed by (30/35/40/45/50%) E - Volley Fire! Costs (100/95/90/85/80) mana Cooldown (14/12/10/8/6) seconds Tiberius orders up to a max of (3/4/5/6/7) soldiers to form up in line and take aim on the enemy dealing (25/40/55/70/85) (0.2 AD) (0.4 AP) physical damage per soldier. A new soldier will form up every (0.75/0.70/0.65/0.60/0.55) (lvl 1, 3, 6, 9, 12) seconds. The damage will be evenly split between all targets, prioritizing enemy champions. The soldiers can be killed if dealt (50/70/100/130/160) damage. Tiberius is forced to walk behind his line of troops or else they will break formation, firing their weapons for 50% reduced damage. The soldiers function as minions and can intercept skillshots. R - Grab a Shovel! Initial build cost: 150 Mana Cooldown (30) seconds Tiberius orders his men to build a fortification at target location. Locking Tiberius in place and revealing him for the duration. Tiberius is immune to crowd control whilst he is in an emplacement. Q - Artillery emplacement Build time - 6 Seconds Tiberius and his men set up a hexpowered artillery cannon at the target location. This cannon has 2000 range and can either shoot hexplosive shells dealing (150/250/400) (0.2 AD) (0.5 AP) magic damage or smoke shells blocking line of sight and slowing enemies for 40 % in a radius of (200/250/300). Each shell costs 200 mana and has a 6 second cooldown. W - Medical Tent Build time - 4 Seconds Tiberius and his men set up a medical tent at target location healing allies for (50/70/90) (0.3 AP) health per second in a radius of 150. This costs 50 mana per second per target being Healed (Does not apply to minions) E - Bunker Build time 6 Seconds Tiberius and his men set up a bunker at the target location granting Tiberius (50/60/70)% damage reduction. Tiberius can auto attack from inside the building or order his men to lay down suppressive fire dealing (100/125/150) (0.5 AD) damage per second and slowing enemies for 50% in a cone from one of the 4 sides. This lasts for 3 seconds before going on an 8 second cooldown. Each barrage costs 200 mana. R - Disperse! Tiberius orders his men to pack up their current emplacement and move onwards, this takes 2 seconds. (Can also be used to cancel the build ability, this will not refund the ability) Ideas for voice: Thick russian accent (Battlecruiser from starcraft for reference) Stereotypical american general (TF2 Soldier for reference) Skin ideas: Steel Legion/Dreadnova Universe Tiberius Toy General Tiberius Musketeer Tiberius Snow Front Tiberius Commando Tiberius Made with hope by Space Viking - EUW
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