[Ultimate/Legendary Skin Concept] Human Aatrox

So Kayn got released and has two voices as there are two characters involved. To further Aatrox's lore, I think he should get a skin that shows aatrox's human form before the Darkin conquers the human to form Aatrox. Wouldn't a skin like this look cool? What if aatrox also has two voice actors in this? Also if this was a Ultimate skin, he should be able to pick between regular aatrox (with more in depth detail) or if Human Aatrox wins. Ofcourse, it is a skin so no benefits from either form are provided. {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}}
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