Champion Idea: Naalus the Soul Eater

Summary: Naalus is a Darkin themed AD Caster champion who excels in sustain and teamfights but stuggles during ganks and short trades due to his lack of mobility. He uses his health as a resource for his abilities. **PASSIVE: Unleashed Power:** When Naalus falls under 30-50% hp, his next spell grants him 100% spell vamp and its damage his increased by 50%. Additionally he gains a brief decaying 80% movement speed. **Q ability: Spiritual Tear:** Cost: 40/80/120 Health. Skill shot ability with a range of 700/800/900/1000/1100. Cooldown is 12/10/8/7/6. Naalus launches a powerful projectile of forbidden energy that deals damage to all enemy targets, dealing 50/60/80/100/130 + 70% AD physical damage. If the projectile lands on an enemy champion, it pierces into them and Naalus can recast his Q back to to pierce through the enemy champion, ripping out a portion of their soul back towards him, damaging all enemies along the way with the same damage as before. The enemy champion that had their soul removed suffers a 30% movement speed debuff and -30% Armor and MR status for the next 6 seconds. This does not stack. **W ability: Darkin Engravings:** Cost: 50HP. AOE CC ability. Cooldown 20/18/17/16/13. Range 1000. Naalus engraves up to 5 split areas with scythe markings(Similar to kayn's W)and the way he engraves the amrkings is similar to Heimers W that develop over one second. After the one second they manifest and knock all enemy targets airborne for 1.5 seconds while also dealing 30/60/90/120/150 + 50%AD Physical Damage) **E ability: Staff of the Shunned:** Toggleable Passive Ability. Cost: 5% of Naalus's Max HP. Cooldown: None. Naalus' basic attacks become empowered, granting an additional 15% Life Steal plus dealing an extra 30/40/60/80/100 + 50%AD + 3% Naalus Max HP physical damage. At ability level 3, his E basic attacks release eldrich shocks that travel to the nearest 6 enemy targets within 500 range of the enemy dealing 40% of the original damage. **R ability: Phantom Assault:** Passive: Naalus' spells and empowered attacks apply "Phantom mark" stacks to all enemy champions hit by the attack, stacking up to 5 times and lasting for 10 seconds Active: Naalus channels for one second, causing all Phantom Mark stacks against all enemy champions to erupt, dealing 50/100/150 + 50% AD Physical Damage per stack.
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