Feature for Completion Skin Sets

Hi riot, and players !! I have an idea about the new feature you have with the skins in our profile, which is very nice and it is as follows, Beginning with skin collectors or even people who like a specific set-up, for example, (Project skins, star guardians), I have picked everything up so it would not be nice for Riot to have a reward when you complete a set; I say for example an Icon or an expression or even a special ambition, specifically for the category that you will accomplish, it will be something unique that will make collectors like buying skins, will you tell me this is in the company's interest? Yes and not of course, you do not force you to buy them since maybe you succeed in some hextech box, it's fair I think for both sides !! I do not know how this idea looks like, I would like opinions of a serious origin !! I wish I had an opinion from representatives of the riots and I do not know if they will see the post and certainly the minds already have this idea somewhere frozen in future projects !! ;) Keep calm & HF {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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