I made a Zoe Cosplay

Zoe Cosplay ✎ 「Making Of」║[HD] [byLiiki]
Okay, ganz wichtig: Ich hab keine Lust mehr auf "YouTubimationen" (der Name klingt bescheuert aber ich war zu faul ihn jemals zu ändern xD). Hiermit war ich jetzt ziemlich lange beschäftigt aber danach hatte ich irgendwie keine Lust mehr auf YouTuber Animationen, weil sie eben nichts besonderes sind.
So here I made a Zoe Cosplay and a Making Of Video. I also made a dance cover at the very end. But I'm German, my channel too so my notes on the side are German, but they're not that important anyway xD You can just ignore the description, because it's stuff regarding my channel not the cosplay and it's German too. Didn't want to show my face so it's kind of... censored? (Didn't know how to do that because I had so many clips I just threw it into Story Remix (Windows 1o) and adjusted some stuff, and it seems like you can't censor in Story Remix even with that 3D tool thingy, I tried...). Because I made all of this at home and wasn't on a convention or anything and because it was my real hair that I just temporarly dyed orange and purple at the end (you sadly cant really see that) and it turned out I was allergic to the dye I didn't have time to make more photos and they didn't turn out very well. You can find the photos before the dance sequence and after the Making of. I wanted to go to Gamescom and just buy a wig or find a different hair dye on the internet (because in the store I went there was only dye that you shouldn't use on blonde hair and the ones you could were blue, pink, green etc. but not orange). But since Riot won't be there I don't know if it's really worth it. But at least I got to wear it at school a bit, even if only my 2 friends who play LoL recognized the character and everyone else just looked at me like "WTF is that?" xD But idc Anyway hope you like it ^^
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