Riot Needs to update the game

Hello Fellow Summoners {{sticker:vlad-salute}} League of legends defiantly my favorite game it is one of few games I have putted real time on it But it's starting to get old it defiantly needs some new things (in game not client) and I like how Riot is adding new things to the game like voice chat and loot system choosing lanes in draft keep it up I don't like how u decreased the orange you get from skin shards tho :P Hope you consider My feedback. Here are somethings I thought of : 1: The summoners rift is outdated you need to make a new map with more players and add ranked to it I feel like this is the most thing that could make the game fresh again , Adding new champs wont help (Not removing the summoners rift tho don't do that :P) replace it with 3v3 maybe. 2: You have to put a new goal for who takes this game seriously like Adding a new League higher than challenger replacing Master tier and make it for top 10 players with adding a prize pool for them (Real Money ofc and UNIQUE in game prizes) because the rank system is totally useless like you reach rank 1 and what then ? The new uncapped leveling doesn't help. 3: Keeping the Mods that doesn't effect the overall playing like one for all maybe. 4: Delete Yasuo xD (No plz Don't it Yasuo main exposed) Comment Below your ideas hope Riot will see this. GG EZ. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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