The big Tank Item Update v1.1alfa

So A long time ago I start working on a tank item rework. A few days ago I released the alfa. Just like last time I want to request some feedback regarding it to further improve this version in the hope we finally see some viable and intressting but healthy tanks in our games. My main focus is still on the armor & armor/mr build and nothing is set in stone yet so all numbers and ideas are up for discussion. Feel free to post your feedback below: #Main Goals of this alfa concept * Fixing up tank splitpush items * Giving tanks more tanking power for the early & midgame * Making existing items more intressting ---- ##Square shield * **Recipe:** Ruby Crystal (400) + Cloth Armor (300) + 500 [=1200] * **Stats:** 200 [300 after shieldhealh] Health, 20 Armor * **Unique Passive - Shieldstack:** A percentage of the damage that you mitigated is stored as stacks, having multiplay Shieldstack items will increase the amount of stacks you recieve from mitigation. * **Unique Passive - Shieldhealth:** For every auto attack you recieve grant 5 maximum Health. This bonus stacks up to 20 times. We start off with the new midgame tank item that will be the core for the new generation of teamfighting items. This core item contains two passives. The first passive is Shieldhealh. A very simple item that has many similarities with {{item:3052}} but rather than last hitting minions you gain health for tanking auto attacks. The second passive is shieldstack that generates stacks based on the damage you mitigated. This number start to have relevance when build into their final items: #Sunfire Cape * **Recipe:** Square shield (1200) + Chain Vest (800) + Ruby Crystal (400) + 600 [=3000] * **Stats:** 475 Health, 70 Armor * **Unique Passive - Shieldstack:** * **Unique Passive: Upon casting your ultimate you are surrounded with a 350 range FIRE storm for 6 seconds which deals magic damage to nearby champions based on the shieldstacks collected. FIRE storm consumes Shieldstack stacks every second, if their are no shieldstacks you deal damage with the shieldstacks you generate during the activation. (60 seconds cooldown) We change Sunfire up and turn it into a full on teamfighting item. This is the item your are going to build on wombo tanks like {{champion:54}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:89}}. #Thornmail [ALFA] _This version of thornmail is still been worked on._ * **Recipe:** Square shield (1200) + Bramble Vest (1000) + Cloth Armor (300) + 500 [=3000] * **Stats:** 300 Health, 80 Armor * **UNIQUE – THORNS:** Upon being hit by a basic attack, reflects 25 (+ 15% bonus armor) magic damage, while also inflicting Grievous Wounds on the attacker for 3 seconds. * **Unique Passive - Shieldstack:** * Grants **THORNMAIL SCALE** if you have at least 300 bonus armor. * **UNIQUE – THORNMAIL SCALE:** When THORN triggers by an basic attack for the next 2 seconds damages all enemy units within 350 units range based on your Shieldstack stacks as magic damage and inflicting THORNS on them. (15 seconds cooldown) To bad for the true damage lost but this guy is mainly to counter healing now. With the new active you can shakeup entire teamfights. #Randiun's * **Recipe:** Square shield (1200) + Warden's Mail (1000) + Ruby Crystal (400) + 400 [=3000] * **Stats:** 475 Health, 70 Armor * **UNIQUE:** -20% Critical strike damage taken from basic attacks. * **Unique Passive - Shieldstack:** * **UNIQUE – COLD STEEL** * **UNIQUE Active:** Slows all enemy units within 500 units range by 35-75% [depending on shieldstack] for 2 seconds and inflicting COLD STEEL to them. (60 second cooldown). Randiun's has recieved a better buildpath with a stronger slow when you have enouge Shieldstacks and yes it's now possible to stack it with thornmail. ---- The next large change I want to introduce is a small change to {{item:2053}} POINT RUNNER passive. This passive now is able to stack together but like this: * For every other POINT RUNNER item that buildup time has been increased with 1 second & the bonus movementspeed with 10%. * Example: * Base: 20% over 2 seconds * 2 Point Runner Items: 30% over 3 seconds * 3 Point Runner Items: 40% over 4 seconds * 4 Point Runner Items: 50% over 5 seconds * 5 Point Runner Items: 60% over 6 seconds * 6 Point Runner Items: 70% over 7 seconds #Shadow Waistband * **Stats:** +50 armor, +400 health, +150% base health regeneration * **Recipe:** Raptor Cloak (900) + Giant Belt (1000) + 900 (=2800) * **Passive - Point Runner** * **Unique Active:** After channeling for 4 seconds, teleports your champion to target location within 2000 range. The location you are teleporting to is revealed. Point Runner passive is fully stack upon arrival [300 seconds cooldown] #Ohmwrecker * **Recipe:** Raptor Cloak (900) + Bami's Cinder (900) + 800 (=2600) * **Stats:** +50 armor, +300 health, +150% base health regeneration * **UNIQUE – IMMOLATE:** Deals 26 − 43 (based on level) magic damage per second to nearby enemies (towers included). Deals 「 50% bonus 」 magic damage to minions and monsters (325 range). * **Passive - Point Runner** * **UNIQUE Active: Prevent a nearby turret from attacking for 3 seconds (120 second cooldown). This effect cannot be used against the same tower more than once every 8 seconds. Effect can only be triggered near towers or fallen towers. On activation POINT RUNNER will be fully stacked. ---- And now the supportive ones: #Frozen Heart * **Recipe:** Aegis (1100) + Chain Mail (800) + 600 [=2500] * **Stats:** 80 Armor, 40 Mr * **UNIQUE:** Cripples nearby enemies' attack speed by 15%, doubles when movement impaired (700 range). I want to push Frozen Heart out the spotlight and push it more towards the support role while also introducing it as a cheap tank item that tanks can build when they are behind. Since tank item are relative expensive it wouldn't be so bad to have backup when anti-tank item are so easy & cheap to come by. #Defender Greaves * **Stats:** 250 Health, 300 Mana, 80 Armor, 20% Cooldown Reduction * **Recipe:** Kindlegem (800) + Chain (800) + Glacial (900) + 500 [=3000] * **Unique Passive:** After using hard cc grant nearby allies will gain 20% movementspeed while moving towards you (1500 range). This becomes the 20% cdr item tanks can build. The item is great on isolation tanks like {{champion:111}} as a core item or pretty much any other tank that want some cdr. #Glacial Helmet * **Recipe:** 250 Health, 300 Mana, 80 Armor, 10% Cooldown Reduction * **Stats:** Glacial Shroud (900) + Ruby Crystal (400) + Warden Mail (1000) + 700 [=3000] * **Unique Passive:** After casting your ultimate you are surrounded with a 750 range GLACIAL storm for 8 seconds which aplies COLD STEEL and slow enemies by 20% for 2 seconds within the storm with your next auto after they have been movement impaired. (60 seconds) This will be another cdr item that tanks can build. This item is basicly the rebranded frozen heart. To clear things up when you cc somene when the glacial storm is active when they are inside the storm and you auto attack them when they are inside the storm. After the cc duration they are slowed until they leave the GLACIAL storm of when the passive expires. Thoughts? #Updates ##v1alfa Feedback: * To much active items * sunfire & glacial or now passive STORM items Context: So far the tank splitpush items are very active centric. Someone like shen can quickly get up to 4-5 active items during the supportive nature of his kit. Ohmwrecker, Shadow Waistband, Thornmail, Locket, Randiun's. It's relative easy to get towards these numbers. In reverse the more teamfight oriënted tanks have less of this issue but with the situational thornmail crawling up it's not that easy to fix it. So despite to be against it I'm reworking thornmail again. Giving it a 10% damage reduction against true damage or giving him an passive is up for debate. I'm setting this item in Alfa until I can figure out a better solution for it. I really want to give thornmail users the need to build armor and not entirely punish them when they need to counter AP healers.

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