[Champion Suggestion]- Saya, the Demon Priestess (check it out!)

Hello, I want to share a concept that has been on my mind for some time now and I believe it's as good and interesting as to come to the boards and share it with you all. I hope that you check it out and give your opinions about it. I've been playing for over 5 years and I've been Diamond for 3 years now, so I have some knowledge of the game and I think this suggestion might deserve a check! -Saya, the Demon Priestess. Visuals: In the beginning of her story she's a priestess with pale skin and black hair in a long pony tail. Pure white asian kimono and a white umbrella. A reference would be Setsuka from Soul Calibur (but less provocative) https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/soulcalibur/images/8/86/Setsuka_SC4.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/310?cb=20080524071119 The demon version would be her with an Oni mask like the blood moon skins of Akali or Diana for example and the edges of her kimono on the arms and legs painted with a deep red. The umbrella hides a sword on the handle, like Setsuka's. Lore: [I won't make a fixed story or champion stats because it depends on the Riot team to make them in the end, but I thought about something like this] Since Ionia is usually Asian themed, I thought about the story of a priestess in an Ionian shrine, worshiped by her followers and family. All of them are murdered by an Ionian villain (like Zed) who needed to murder her but he didn't find her in the shrine. Then she thirsts for vengeance and looks for the legendary mask that gives inmense power. She finds it in some other temple and the monks warn her that it feeds from anger and doubt. She tries it anyways and ends up losing her will, killing all the monks. She notices what she did and the regret, sorrow and desire for revenge make the mask consume her forever. -Skillset (the most interesting part) [Note that I won't be giving exact damage stats as they need a huge work on balancing, but I'll give Cooldown estimates] (Passive) - Demon Blood: [6-10 secs CD] When Saya is hit once, she heals for the same amount of damage she received if she doesn't take any more damage for 2 seconds. For example, she'd heal from a Gangplank Q but not from Rumble's Q, then it goes on CD. Also, she uses Demon Rage instead of Mana, charging it up to 100% by damaging and getting damaged. At 100% rage, a skill is powered. (Q) - Ionian Parry: [6-8 secs CD] Saya blocks with her umbrella for 1-1,5 second. If a basic attack would hit her from the direction she's aiming at, the attack is blocked (doesn't work vs skills) and then she can dash for a long distance, damaging any enemies on the path (only if blocked). Powered Q: Inflict a knockdown at the end of the dash [a demon arm spawns from her and hits the floor] and inflicts Blood Marks to enemies hit (more on that at R) (W) - Pin Down: [7-10 secs CD] Saya cuts through a critical point in the enemy's legs and makes them bleed, slowing for 40% for 2 seconds and causing damage that increases the more the enemy moves (a dash would do great damage, but a blink wouldn't. Also if the enemy doesn't move it'd barely do damage). Powered W: The slow increases and it does extra damage based on enemy's max HP. Also inflicts Blood Mark. (E) - Oni Slash: [4-6 secs CD] Saya does a wide slash with her sword, damaging all enemies hit [not much damage, mostly to farm] Powered E: This slash shoots a wave of dark energy, slightly slowing enemies hit and applying Blood Marks. (R) - Demon's True Form: [40-60 secs CD] (visuals: she takes off her mask and her skin turns light purple, with her eyes glowing red and laughing) R passive - Blood Marks: (Always active after lvl 6) Using a powered skill inflicts Blood Marks, which explode after a basic attack, dealing damage based on missing HP. R active: (requires 100% rage to activate) The Blood Demon takes control of Saya, increasing her movement and attack speed, granting big lifesteal and is always on 100% rage. This skill consumes HP constantly when active, so she goes back to normal at 1% HP or when R is pressed again to disable it. - Gameplay: Saya is very versatile, being able to be used as a tanky fighter with great initiation from her improved Q or as an assassin. An example build would be Titanic Hydra, Black Cleaver, Deadman's... And the assassin benefits greatly from Volcanic Hydra, Youmuu's and Duskblade. She counters poke heavily with her passive and Q (so Gangplank would be her dinner) but is very weak vs heavy pressure, stuns and mobile champions (so Riven would eat her), and also healing reduction since she needs healing at her R, which makes her very interesting and difficult to play. W is the key skill, which imo is a very cool concept and would make Yasuo cry but others like Malphite wouldn't care. Her early game is weak, specially vs ranged, but she can survive lane with her passive and her improved E to farm. On mid game she'd be a beast, although she can't really duel other fighters she can chase adc and apc, something like a Wukong. Late game is a big skill-based moment, needing to time her Q and R extremely well to not rush into death. Since I don't want to extend too much (which I already did) I'll end here, hoping that you like this champion which imo is very interesting, creative and I definitely see it working in game. I'll answer any questions you may have and will read your suggestions. Greetings! Edit: Obviously, she'd be best at Top Lane, I forgot to mention it!
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