We need this Riot :)

Hello friends We can all agree that the new client looks beyond amazing! but there is still one small simple thing that should be changed in my opinion. The LOL icon on the desktop, it should be updated to the one - currently used everywhere - (look in the corner of this web page - It is used in the new client) so please Riot change the Icon - we know you want to :) Don't get me wrong - I've clicked on the old Icon almost everyday in past 3 years) - and I loved the Icon (and with tears in my eyes i must admit) - it is time to let go and change If you agree upvote this thread :) Thank You (EDIT) Hello Friends After reading some comments and doing research I noticed that Riot has already implemented the new icon in the new client - hehe my bad - then Id like to thank Riot for the new Icon! and would also like to inform players that do not have access to the client alpha that the icon will be changes :D again apologies for not realizing that the change was already implemented :) THUMBS UP FOR THE NEW AWESOME ICON THANKS RIOT :D http://s32.postimg.org/e1jvx0tud/LOL.png
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