Relic shield: why not fix it properly?

I think relic shield should receive further limitations to the pool of possible users. One of the very antifun things is playing against than a double relic shield lane and all efforts should be made this NEVER becomes meta again. It should be made melee-only like Tiamat to prevent adcs from buying it completely, and also get a charge time penalty like spellthiefs line for killing minions without having a relic shield charge, so it can never become a viable option in duo melee lanes either. None of these changes would reduce its power level on supporters except on {{champion:412}}, but prevent abuse. {{champion:412}} , who is negatively affected, can be compensated with a buff on his defensive stats, maybe some base health and/or armor. Later in a game, its often hard to get rid of relic charges because you usually roam around more as support and everyone clears the wave before you can lasthit a minion. Maybe you should raise the 1050 units ally range after 20 min or change the effect such that minions are executed from 100% health to help out a bit.
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