Ability Suggestion: Ground effect for allies

I feel like there is not a lot of counterplay against displacement CC in LOL (knock back, knock up, hook etc.) except for spellshields (which blocks any kind of ability and Cc) or a well timed Qss + flash/mobility spell. So I was thinking it would be cool for a supportive champion to give a ground buff to allies or himself. The buffed champion can use his own mobility spells but cannot be displaced by enemy spells, but can still be affected by any other kind of Cc (for a few seconds, or maybe the buff is only applied to champions who stays within a certain area I dunno). I feel like a niche ability like this can offer a good counterpick option against certain teamcomps, kinda like a reverse poppy w. I know Morgana can do that with black shield but I feel like this ability has such a broad use. I want something more niche with more defined strength, maybe this buff can affect more than one target or lasts longer than black shield etc.
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