Tiasia, the Terror of the Tides

Hello Summoners! Well, this is my first suggestion for these forums... So i can't how it works ;D. Hopefully you will like processing... but the suggestion too! Have a nice reading! **Wiki Version** I am working on! **!!!!Noone of following images are mine! I found them on internet!!!!** **Splash Art** (something like) http://i.imgur.com/OTBgta3.png * **Champion Square** http://i.imgur.com/JmecbU3.png **Lore:** Stories about Tiasia are the most uncommon stories. Noone knows, whether those stories are true, but people agree that following two stories are really true. Tiasia is Nami's sister. At her 7 years, Tiasia wanted to be so much popular like her older sister. All the times was Tiasia jealous. And weak, too, until it has not happened a danger. Tiasia stayed on the coast of Guardian's sea. From afar was seen much tides and waves that came to the coast. Tiasia was scared, so she tried to save herself by a song that learned her Nami. Wonderfully, waves stopped and came to another seashore. Tiasia found more magical abilities about water. But she was still jealous and wanted to be better than Nami. She wanted to kill her, but she was not so adventurous. So she tried to disable Nami to go find the moonstone. On the second day, she went to Nami, and said her: “Well Nami, thanks you! If you did not tell me the song, I could die!“ {{champion:267}} Nami: “Oh really? Oh, that was nothing, I am a Tidecaller and my duty is save you!“ http://i.imgur.com/ojbL8zb.png Tiasia: “Yeah... But nobody has responsibility to save YOU!“ {{champion:267}}Nami: “Hmmm, I don't know someone that will kill me. You yes?“ http://i.imgur.com/ojbL8zb.png Tiasia: “Yeah! That's me! *(then oceans was raised a bit)* Now listen me! If you bring the moonston, I will execute you! Because I am the best! I must be queen of everything! After few days will be Guardian's Sea and Conqueror's sea renamed into “Tiasia's ocean!“ HAHAHA! Do you understand?“ *(oceans was again raised a bit)* {{champion:267}} Nami: “Oh, oh, yes!“ However, Tiasia thinks that this is her victory, from this moment she was some crazy. She wanted to kill Jarvan III and be a new queen of Demacia. But she was so crazy... She wanted to go to Demacia, but her madness brought her to... Nobody knows. Conqueror's sea? Guardian's sea? Everybody thinks that she there became higher loon. Because everywhere on the sea is blood when in her nearby is an enemy, and when there's quiet on the sea, the water is green. The green water probably means that Tiasia is resting. The second story is about adventurer, Ezreal. This story is newer than the previous, so everybody knows, who is Tiasia. The adventurer Ezreal went to explore all the seas in the Runterra, because he wanted to see Tiasia. But he didn't return. Everybody thinks that Tiasia killed him. But after few years, Ezreal finally returned. He said that Tiasia is really monster and crazy. She sent much of tides against him, the tides of bloody water. It was probably waring, but Ezreal really wanted to see Tiasia. But Tiasia gived her to Aqua Prison. Therefore Ezreal was there so much years. After few year was confirmed a theory that Ezreal met with Nami, not with Tiasia. So, if that was the Tiasia's calm sister Nami, so then Who is Tiasia? Remember that there are not evidences that previous 2 stories happened. But there are legends and theories which says that Tiasia exists and she's really a cruel monster. --- **Attributes:** Roles: Mage * After 6 months of her release will pick her somebody in LCS as support :D Typ: Ranged (525) **Stats** (level 1-18): **Health** : 512 - 1913 **Billows** : 100 *She does not have mana, but billows. She starts the game with 0 billows.* **Health Regen:** 5.93 - 14.87 **Billows Regen:** 0 **Attack damage:** 48 - 97.4 **Attack Speed: ** 0.681 - 0.897 **Armor:** 22.3 - 65.8 **Magic Resistance:** 30 **Movement speed:** 330 #Abilities: http://i.imgur.com/OeyNgiv.png **Gore Outflow(passive)** If Tiasia is faced to an enemy champion that's within 3000 units of her, she receives 10 billows per second (can stacking while faced to multiple champions). If she didn't receive any billow in last 5 seconds, she will lose 7 billows per second, the losing of billows ends when Tiasia casts an ability or receives again some billow. In addition, if Tiasia remains in combat for 3.5 seconds, her next attack will magical attack and deals additional magic damage that scales of ammount of lost billows in last 4 seconds. If she didn't lose any billow in last 4 seconds, the magical attack deals additional 38 (2x Tisia's level) (25% Ability Power) magic damage, the ammount is increased by 0.5 (0.08xTisia's level) (0.6% Ability power) magic damage per each 1 lost billow in last 4 seconds, for a maximum damage that's equal to 88 (10xTisia's level) (85% Ability Power) magic damage. http://i.imgur.com/5h6r0Hc.png **Almighty Shriek (Q)** Tiasia starts sing to targeted cone over 3 seconds, she can't move, attack or casting abilities during singing. If an enemy champion stays in the cone for nonstop 3/2.5/2/1.5/1 seconds, he will become silenced for 2 seconds. She can re-active this ability to cancel the singing Range of cone is increased per billows (by 1 per 1 billow) and its maximum width too (by 5 per 1 billow). Base Range: 900 Base maximum width of cone: 450 Cost: 25 billows Cooldown: 32/28/24/20/16 seconds http://i.imgur.com/2ks6Qvz.png **Sophisticated Swim (W)** Tiasia sends out a tide in a line that leaves water on its path for 4 seconds (like Nocturne' Q), the water slows enemies by 25%/30%/35%/40%/45% for 1 second. If is after 1 second Tiasia in nearby of water, she can re-active this ability to swim a little part of water, its length scales of ammount of billows. Every 0.1 second of swimming, Tiasia loses 4 billows. If she doesn't have any billows and she will still swim, the swim will be interrupted. Tiasia's speed while swimming depends for ammount of billows. If she swims really quickly, she will also knockback aside enemies that she passed through while swimming, the knockback aside also depends for ammount of billows. Range: 1300 Cost: 5 billows Cooldown: 20/17/14/11/8 seconds Additional information: Lenght of swimming: 300 + 8 per billow, up to 1100 Speed while swimming: 800 + 7 per billow, up to 1500 * Required speed for knockback aside enemies is 1010 Knockback aside range: 325 + 3 per billow, up to 535 * Remember that she loses 4 billows every 0.1 second of swimming. This means that enemies that were knockbacked on start of Tisia's swimming will be knockbacked aside futher than enemies that were knockbacked on end of Tisia's swimming. http://i.imgur.com/5yhza40.png **Calling of Trench (E)** Tiasia starts singing until her billow bar will be not expired. Start of song immediatelity grants her a buff for very short period that reduces duration of "cooldown" for her Magical attack to 1 second over its period. Then each second, she heals nearby allies by 5/8/11/14/17 ( 7% Ability Power) health (healing is doubled for herself), but will be revealed for enemies, can't move, attack or casting abilities, and attack from non-minion interrupt the singing. However, each second she loses 5 billows, that gradually grows to 15 billows. This ability cannot be re-activated to cancel singing, unlike to Almighty Shriek. Radius: 200 Cost: 0 billow Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 seconds Additional information: The duration of buff is 0.5/1/1.5 seconds, depends on number of billows (0/40/80) In first 2 seconds of singing, she loses 5 billows, then each second it is increased by (0.25 x current duration of singing) billows. At ~9-10 seconds of singing, the cost reaches 15 billows per second. http://i.imgur.com/HgeooOi.png **Vengeance from deepths(R)** Tiasia gets her final power for 8/10/12 seconds. Over its duration, Tiasia will lose 14 billows each second, but if she reaches 0 billows, she will automatically receive 30/50/70 billows. In addition, her cooldowns will be reduced by 5 seconds, and if Tiasia casts her abilities when her final power is activated, they will receive additiional effect. When she uses **Almighty Shriek**, she will now able to move over the singing, but her move speed will be reduced to 30%. If she silences enemy champions with Almighty Shriek, she will more angried, and prolongs the duration of her final power by 2 second. **Sophisticated Swim** now knockbacks enemies very futher. However, cost of Sopthisticated swim is increased to 30 billows, billows per 0.1 second is increased to 6 billows, and speed while swimming is reduced by 66%. When effect of **Calling of Trench** ends, Tiasia deals magic damage equal to 50% damage of Gore Outflow to nearby enemies within 200-500 units, the radius depends on ammount of billows. Cost: 100/75/50 billows Cooldown: 150 seconds Additional information: Before receiving of 30/50/70 billows will be interrupted her W (swimming) and E. Ammount of bonus for knockback aside is 450-850 units, depends on ammount of billows. Also, this knocknack will be applied if Tiasia swimmed too slow. So, if you didn't understand for bonus of E: If Calling of Trench will be interrupted, deals (50% attack damage) + 19 (1x Tisia's level) (12.5% Ability Power) magic damage for nearby enemies within 200 units, but does not apply on-hit effect. The damage is increased by 0.25 (0.04xTisia's level) (0.3% Ability power) per each billow, and the radius is increased by 3 units per each billow, up to 44 (5xTisia's level) (42.5% Ability Power) magic damage and 500 radius. --- **Strategy:** How to play with Tiasia: * When you are channeling Almighty Shriek or Calling of Trench, before the channeling you can change your facing angle and you will get billows while losing them with Calling of Trench. * High knockbacks can force enemies to dive. * Use your calling of trench to lose billows, your Gore Outflow will be greater. How to play against Taisa: * Tiasia's damage is only in Gore Outflow. Try to don't let her be in combat, because her damage will be higher. * Move fast from side to side, her facing to you will be harder. * Ward everything that's near of your lane, because she can come and knockback you very far with her Sophisticated Swim **Countergame:** Tiasia is weak against: {{champion:101}} Xerath: * His long-ranged abilities can force her to run, and her Magic Attack will be really useless. * If she comes to you or channels an ability, stun her. {{champion:238}} Zed: * Zed can so simple avoid her silence with his W – Living shadow * You can simple ult her, and then fight. If she ults too, re-active your ulti. {{champion:30}} Karthus: * Your harass is higher than her. Tiasia is strong against: {{champion:25}} Morgana: * Because of your Easter Egg, you can use W while she roots you and run away. {{champion:91}} Talon: * If he tries to fight you, fast attack him, use your ultimate and E. He probably used E+Q+R, because he was scared. You will be probably affected by his Q, so your E will get interrupt, and you will deal damage for invisble talon * Use on him silence when you are sure that his E is on cooldown. That's everything. {{champion:105}} Fizz: * Always have a water. If he tries to attack you, re-active your W. He will deal 0 damage, and because of you are ranged, you will deal higher damage. * He can use E to don't become silenced, so then max your heal. In addition, Magic Attack does not have its own projectile, so Fizz's untargetable ability will be useless to block your damage. Thats all! All feedbacks and asks are welcomed! And thanks for reading! --- **Changelog** **0.1** (23th March, 2015) * http://i.imgur.com/OeyNgiv.png Gore Outflow (P) * The Magical Attack is now IN combat (instead of out), but cooldown decreased to 3.5 seconds. * Because of this change, her E is changed a bit. * http://i.imgur.com/2ks6Qvz.png Sopthisticated Swim (W) * Range increased to 1300 from 900. **0.2** (27th March, 2015) * http://i.imgur.com/2ks6Qvz.png Sopthisticated Swim (W) **0.3** (20th April, 2015) * Fixed a bug that images were dissapeared *(100% there will some upgrade within next 7 days!)* * Movement speed reduction was decreased to 25-45% from 45%-85%
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