Quests in League of Legends

Hello everybody. I would like to make a suggestion. I really like quests in League, it's a feature that just adds a little more.... "to do" if you could call it that way. On the other Hand, i really like the "Loot" concept recently added to league. What i don't like are Summoner Icons. Well i don't dislike them, but i honestly don't care about them, sure there are a lot of nice ones, but my Summoner Icon has no Value to me. (not even those that are available thru ranked) So for me it would make a lot of sense if quests would reward something that opts into more options than only Summoner Icons. Blue or Orange Essence would be something i would look forward to. So to make it short: I would really like to see other things than only those emblems which lead to summoner icons: like blue or orange essence, that can be crafted into multiple things. What are your thoughts about that? Would the rest of the community like to see essence dropping from quests? Or is it just me that thinks it would smoothen the loot system a little :)
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