Alex (The Infections of Sorrow) Concept Idea

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Imagine a time before mechanics a simpler time where a man works in a field day in day out working with his hands to feed his wife and child. A man known as "Alex" can be found there in the field tending to his crop outside is small home with his beautiful wife and baby girl. He was a giant of man some people feared him some people idolised him. But most wanted to use his strength in the wars taking place. Alex was a peaceful man and refused all those who tried to make him fight, His strength made him soft. From a child his strength would cause his poor mother and father no end of trouble from breaking doors, equipment and hurting those he would play with, making other parents despise his own. His kind mother said to him. " your strength is too great Alex you must hold back and never use all of it in any case, for if you do, you shall become a monster" Alex took in these words and from the child to the man he never used all of his strength, one day while in his field men approached him. complementing alex on his sheer size, they also had come to take Alex into there army to fight for them, but Alex refused. this displeased the men and made them angry, hate infact. so they waited until Alex had left his home. And sent a commander to murder his wife and daughter as payment for his selfishness. Alex returned to find his wife and child laying lifeless on the blood stained floor he broke down and cursed his body cursed his life for if not for his size his wife and child would not have been murdered for the men would have never seeked him out. He took a blade from the kitchen and went to end it all, when a whisper from the ground spoke. "Instead of dying here, why dont you let us take you" "Yes we shall take you, blind you as if you were dead, but we can get revenge for you" "yes we can take your body and we can end your suffering" Alex looked down to see a two small black twins as big as a 6" nail staring up at him, small and frail seeking out a host. "what will happen too me?" Alex questioned "you would be in darkness like sleep, and we would get him who did this" Alex lifted his head from his daughters chest and wiped the tears he looked around at the carnage and agree'd "you find who did this, you take there life, and you free me when it is done" "this we shall do" "this we shall do" Alex became locked in a nightmare repeating the death of his family in the darkness building his rage his sense of touch left him, sound was blocked from him only his mind was still awake. the twins become one with Alex infesting his skin binding with flesh. they could both control Alex's body his actions to walk and throw each took an arm in which they would swing creating more of a menacing swing cleaving oak trees in two with a single blow. they placed a mask on Alex's face which acted as a blind fold. with it on he can not see or hear. when it came off he would wake again in an explosion of rage and fear swinging madly at anyone who was in front. The Twins take to the armys killing anyone who had any contact with the man that murdered alex's family Alex feels no pain so his body never stops. his muscles so thick normal weapons will not penetrate making him able to kill groups at a time cutting multiple men in a single swing. but they leave the man who murdered Alex's family to last making their time last as long as they can still they search for the man with the giant axe that carved the kitchen and family in peices. Alex can still be heard "please end this torment" The Infections Joke: "Three heads are better than.... wait no... we only use two..." Abilities: Passive: Fear of the Giant: slows champs and decreases damage Menacing Swing: Massive AD Damage from giant swing aided by Infection with Blade causing Enemy champ to bleed Giants Grip: Alex Picks up the Champ while the "Infection" punches and scraches the One hes holding Thoughtless: Becomes immortal for afew seconds taking no damage and no slows pulling any alley champ away from the battle while he goes in for all the damage ULT Release of Sorrow: The "infections" take off Alex's Mask releasing all his built in rage and fear to run down and destroy anything in front of him while the "infections" also add damage to near by passing enemy champs or rear champs that try to get close to Alex while in his rage. Tank/Fighter This is my first write up sorry for any spelling mistakes and anything you think i could change please let me know i like all opinions Thank you!

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