New reward system

Hello gamers, rioters First of all thank you so much for making game more enjoyable with honor system, I really enjoy playing league rn. I also like the idea of dropping key fragments, from games. But besides that, what do you get from playing? Besides XP/LP/IP? I would really appreaciate some kind of a box. I dont mean the honor reward, I mean like a box, that could drop, bunch of RP (20,30), XP/IP Boosters, or something to spice things up. Dont get me wrong, but besides those "reward" loot items, there is nothing to gain or to have from playing the game. I would really like the idea of making a new system, that would reward you with a skin, or IP booster, or hextech chest or key, or something. Stay positve, see you on the rift :)
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