Champion Idea: AXOM The Evolving Mass

So ap, tanky, hp caster, you get the picture. _Zaun project AXOM to create most indestructible super soldier ever Test 1: Subject Experianced Large growths all over body but no physical change Test 2: Subject Had heightened agility but his limbs degenerated over time Test 3: Subject Appeared to be improved but after a few days of tests seemed to be braindead Test 4: No more test subjects were provided so I shall in the name of Science be the next destroyer of doom_ Passive: Growth AXOM had gorwing postules that will explode every 5 seconds slowing enemies. Every five seconds all enemies close to AXOM will receive damage and be slowed, Q: Organic Slosh AXOM body is made of imperfect cells which die easily allowing him to dispose of limbs freely. He sloshes his hand forward onto target area damaging enemies and knocking them back. W: Cancerous Regeneration Passive: While out of Combact AXOM regenerates health faster. Active: His attacks will start to drain hp but deal more damage and lower enemies magical resistance this is toggleable. E: Degeneration He kicks off one of his feet toward one direction damaging the first enemy it hits based on their maximum hp, he then moves slower for a short while afterward while his leg regenerates. R: Throwing Body AXOM bends and folds his boneless body into a wheel an rolls in target direction, damaging enemies in his path, for every enemy he hits he loses a portion of his maxmimum health, if he hits an enemy with low enough health that it should kill him he will explode damaging enemies in a large area and grows back over 3 seconds to full health. While growing back he is untargetable. I know this champion Idea kinda seems disgusting but haven't you ever wondered what would it be like to throw your limbs at someone.
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