(DETAILED) [Skin Suggestion] Championship Illaoi (REVIEWS WANTED)

NOTICE: I have NOT copied anyone from external sources, this is my own idea that I thought of as an individual. I have NOT looked at anyone else's ideas on a future Illaoi skin. Okay, so I came up with this skin idea over the past few days and decided to post it on forums and see what you guys think of it. I think {{champion:420}} Illaoi needs a new skin considering** she's never had any skins since her release**. I felt like any new skin she'd get needs to look like its worth the wait, have room for whole particle-effect make-over and entirely new voice lines. I am not good at art, so unfortunately I'll have to explain how it looks like in my head and see what you guys imagine it. The skin is Championship Illaoi. If you have any suggestions for this, I may include them in future edits. Championship Illaoi will have the similar Blue and Galaxy-like theme as the other Championship skins and the Dark Star skins. Her walking animation at high movement speed should be her flying through the air, embracing her melee weapon (like a Teddy Bear) and laying on her back (mid-air). Speaking of her melee weapon, it's the official LCS Trophy in High-Definition and has a passively gleaming particle-effect as you move around the map. i imagine her clothing to be similar to that of the Warden skins, but a darker shade of blue (almost, charcoal-textured blue). Her hair should be removed (I know this sounds crazy at first), and be replaced with long, waves of space. If you can't imagine what I just said, then think of {{champion:37}} DJ Sona's Digitalized Hair when her "Kinetic" Track is playing. Then expand the size of it, give it a similar animation as {{champion:44}} Pool Party Taric. Have stars moving inside it, and Ta-da! Then have the color of her body and hair mix where the hair and body meet. Her abilities, I imagine to have added particle-effects that have similar textures as {{champion:412}} Dark Star Thresh. However instead of purple, the particles are blue. When Illaoi activates her W-Ability, The LCS Trophy should glow in a Turquoise light, and as she moves with it active, a trail of inter-dimensional cracks follow her weapon in a similar fashion as {{champion:56}} Nocturne's Shadows. Yes I realize that her E-Ability is already a light blue, therefore I thought of changing it up to suit the theme even more and so there's not too much blue. When the soul that is dragged out of it's host will actually come out in a shiny-silver texture with Blue confetti flying around the soul. This effect will seem like Illaoi and her teammates have received a reward / trophy for skillfully (or luckily if you prefer) landing the skill-shot onto a champion. When Championship Illaoi activates her ultimate ability, She will smash the ground with her trophy standing upright. Her Ultimate ability will leave a crack in space and time. Within the crack (by Default) you can see a blue version of a Dark-Star universe. Chromas will change the sight of space in the crack to a low-brightness display of a logo for a team competing in LCS e.g. a large TSM Logo, with terrain covering parts of it but it still being recognizable. Her Tentacles should look like luxury. That being said, I imagine her tentacles to have a few golden bracelets along each one. These braclets do not stay still for as the tentacle strikes down (in correlation with her abilities), the bracelets will move down the tentacle, stack close to the end and returning to their original position when the tentacle retreats. I bet you could create an emote where Illaoi's tentacle will drop a bracelet and Illaoi must put it back on. Voice Lines should include inspirational quotes for victory. Here are some examples I came up with: _**TAUNTS**_ "That skin doesn't look as glamorous as me!" "I am built to win... NOT to lose!" _**JOKE**_ ""** ( I don't have any ideas )** _**POST-PURCHASING ITEMS**_ ""** ( I don't have any ideas )** _**WHEN A TEAMMATE SWEARS IN CHAT**_ "Such rude language will only deplete our chances of victory!" _**WHEN A SURRENDER VOTE IS ISSUED**_ "Never Surrender!" _**WHEN ENEMY CHAMPIONS ARE IN YELLOW-TRINKET-RANGE OF ILLAOI BEFORE 01:35 (Illaoi must also have vision of the enemy champion)**_ "Engaging already? Such arrogance!" _**CHAMPION INTERACTIONS**_ "Spend your Riot-Points wisely!" to any Ultimate Skin {{champion:77}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:81}} "Why do I have to work with trash like you?" to Yasuo (Not Nightbringer) {{champion:157}} "Let's cause chaos in the Rift!" to Nightbringer Yasuo{{champion:157}} "No. Just No..." to Teemo{{champion:17}} "I don't care whether you best the Darkin or not, just push for victory!" to Kayn (before form transformation){{champion:141}} "I see you're specialized in winning by '_luck_'! Not on my watch!" to a Skin that cost 10 Gemstones.{{champion:1}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:120}} "The perfect color combination!" to Thresh{{champion:412}} "Good luck carrying me! I weigh just as much as a Thousand Baron Nashors!" to the Bot laner (ADC) Of-course you can suggest your own in the comments. Or if any need an upgrade or redo, then don't hesitate to request it below! _**Her recall I will leave to everyone in the comments to suggest and elaborate on. Let your imagination run wild!**_
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