Ideas for people who have all champions and can't spent their ip anywhere

Well im one of those people who have all the champions (i dont have all the champs, but i hate the 3 champs that i dont have :P) and with that said i have lots of ip in my account that i cant use it anywhere exept from runes and the 3 champs that im missing... So how about this ideas Riot: My first idea is that every person that has all the champions, can get a hextech key or chest for 5000 per, with a daily limit, so people who have 50000+ ip cant spam getting chests/keys My second idea is that you can make a system that makes people who have all champions exchange ip for a skin on champions that they have level 7. For example i have Katarina at level 7, I go to the store and i can buy any skin i want for katarina just for ip. The ip price is based on the real price: example 950 rp = 15900 ip, 1350 rp = 23150 ip etc... I hope that one of those ideas will be available in the future cause people who have ip cant spend it anywhere.... and we need to do something about it riot!
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