¿ Expert mode ?

What about a game mode like, The normal map 3 lanes But you start at lvl 12-14 5k-6k gold And you only have ONE life, or two, whatever fits the best, or one life and you get a respawn Also what about the “B” teleport home works in 3sec or so? You guys could tweak this idea and make it fair for everyone, maybe just one life ia too much But you start with 6000g you could buy already the “Guardian angel” sword Or everyone start with that in their inventory and 5000g Or whatever ammount you see fit so everyone get’s 3/4 of their normal build. Idk, hard mode, or expert mode seems a pretty fun idea And now i’ll let the experts tweak this idea and make it fair for everyone, im shure there are people specialized in making game modes Please any of thoes read this post xD What do you think?

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