New Boot Enchantment: Wolfpack

I currently really like the boot enchantment options available, and although some are more useful than others (*cough* Homeguards *cough*), they still all have their uses. I'd like to include another boot enchantment that's reliant on teamwork. I'm pretty sure a rioter mentioned these a LONG time ago as a 'possibility', but I wanted to bring the idea back: - Enchantment: Wolfpack - Increases movement speed by 10 for each nearby teammate with Wolfpack Enchantment boots. This basically gives you a 0 movement speed boost from the get go, but can increase to a 40 permanent movement speed boost for the whole team if everyone gets in on the gig, with the drawbacks that it gets weaker if the team gets seperated, die, or buy different enchantments instead. This also makes them 'break even' with Alacrity when 2 teammates buy them, with everything else being a bonus. This would work well on roaming teams and poke comps, but would be weaker on splitpushing teams, plus, some players or champs might benefit more from Distortion or Homeguards boots, so they wouldn't be too OP. EDIT: If people find it too weak, I was thinking of making it 20 per 'stack' instead so it breaks even with alacrity with just one other person, but then that's a whopping 80 PERMANENT movespeed boost for the whole team if they all get it, which is insane. 15 as a happy medium, or?
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