Blackthorn Morgana needs to be fixed!

Blackthorn Morgana Feedback (PLEASE, FIX THE SKIN!)
Hello! Like everyone else in here I have been waiting for the Kayle & Morgana rework for quite some time now, especially Morgana. Everything looks nice and all but I have huge problems with the Blackthorn Morgana skin. Hello!
Originally, the thread was made by the player named TaricBestGirl I'm gonna make it shorter than they did. Blackthorn Morgana "suffered" one update already, that made it look...less convincing than the initial one. Initial Q was an art on it's own. After Morgana FX update, it looked...meh. But still, Blackthorn Morgana looked simillar to her splashart. Now, when Morgana get's VU, the skin falls even further to meet expectations. Here's why: **Splash art vs actual model.** There is large inconsistency in colours, when comparing the splash art and the model of Blackthorn Morgana. (the edit was done by TaricBestGirl) And I do agree. Her splash art gives Elderwood/Coven vibes, but her actual in-game model, more like a Dragon-Master-Swain-with-tatas vibes. Sadly, there are many other skins suffering such problem, but let's focus on upcomming VU of Morgana. **Downgrade of the effects** As for 1350RP tier skin, Blackthorn Morgana had special effects around her model; namely the leaves that were falling of her wings. It was a fair price for such skin (earlier it costed 975RP, but still). Not to mention, her Dark Binding, upon release of the skin, used to leave petals on it's way. Tormented Soil looked better after the first FX upgrade, but pre-release VU one doesn't do justice. And, the most important: death animation. Currently, BM scatters into petals, and withers away. THIS was the main token of the skin, since it's release. **Solutions** 1. Tint either the splash art, or the ingame model. This way we will avoid inconsistency. 2. Add more petals. Petals falling from Morgana herself would be enough. 3. Bring back death animation. Morgana's corpse withering into petals would be enough. 4. Leave current Tormented Soil effect. Optional, but does the justice to the skin.

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