Katarina skin

Hi guys. I know that Katarina have tons of skins but this one I think it is REALLY worth to Riot just do it. Most of Katarina skins don't add new effects at all not even a recall animation, like sandstorm have all to be one of the gratest skins of her (Like daggers on the flor should have some sand effects and her ult sould be a sand tornado per example) so I think that this skin would be sick. If some Rioter is seeing this pls help me out and think about it ^^ I found this on Reddit so I will leave here the link to the post so I give the credit. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/akczfj/amazing_fanart_of_kda_katarina_from_jung_seong/ {{sticker:katarina-love}} All good for you and have a great Season 9 ^^
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