Tales of a 2Mio Points OTP or How the new loading screen is ruining the game for every otp

Uuuuh I can alrdy smell the toxicity under this post ^^ So this is it, i wont have a normal game now anymore since this major bs idea of an interface. To explain myself: Im a hardcore Mid Brand OTP, play nthn besides this champ. So I have a huge ammount of mastery Points on this Charcoal. I dont know any other champ mechanics, builds, spells etc... I dont even check patch notes anymore since years now. So since this new loading screen was invented i have to deal with the same subhuman crap every damn game... Ppl that are lvl 299 sayin i have no life ( lul ), all the attention and teamfight focus is on me now and ofc the wannabe L9ers are tryin to trash me by my rank, cuz i reached "just platin" and nthn above. I mean, if id wanna rank up id see patchnotes play different champs to counter with different builds. But i dont need to gain self confidence in an online game + i dont see any reason of spending so much time for a game by not playing it (patchnotes/builds) i do what is fun to me.. what MMOs are supposed to be. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} But the fun part wont come back im afraid, as i said, the whole attention u get cuz of this loading screen is ruining the game for most champ enthusiasts. I alrdy asked some other hardcore otps bout their meaning and nearly everyone is saying the same... Huge toxicity on start, getting early ganks by actually every enemy and huge focus on late game. And last but not least the funniest thing I was told: "U can do nthn right: If ure good its just cuz of ur masterys, if ure bad u should be ashamed cuz of ur masterys.." {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} I rly miss season 2-4 where the insult was at least creative and where u could even have fun with ur enemys, but these times are over im afraid. So.. long story short: Other ppl above 500k: Did you make the same experience? What is ur Opinion? Yours Truly, the friendly Zombie
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