Some skin ideas

Painter Ivern (Just make him look like Bob Ross, with an afro, a white shirt with paint spills and a brush. Daisy would have some paint on her too. His character matches Bob Ross so well, I'm sure people will get the reference, you could even give him some voicelines that refer to Bob Ross.) Caretaker Bard (This is a mafia skin for Bard, the wandering caretaker. Get it? Care taker? ARE YOU LISTENING PHREAK? Anyways, give him a hat and a fur coat, a cane in his hand and his meeps wear hats and overcoats, kinda like the sterotypical incognito criminal guy) Lifeguard Shen (Shen is the kind of champ that's always checking out the map, seeing if his teammates need his help, like a lifeguard. So this skin makes a lot of sense. Just give him a red shirt with a cross on it, beach shorts, a sun visor and a towel to cover his mouth since he is still a ninja after all. His spirit blade is one of those Life guard floaters. His shields are like bubbles, they contain air so his teammates and himself don't "drown") Elderwood Heimerdinger (His turrets look similar to those Dekus from Legend of Zelda and he himself is ent like, so a humanoid tree. He holds a magical glowing stick in his hand thats split at the top like a slingshot. His skills look like arcane nature magic, so a bit like Maokai's skills, wooden projectiles infused with magic. Obviously his ult turret is a bigger "Deku" for lack of a better word.) And that's about it for now, tell me what you think. I don't really expect Riot to do anything with this, these are just some fun ideas that popped into my head and I wanted to share :)

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