Mordekaiser Rework Concept

(Ive made a new version of my rework, check out here: Hi this is Snipolimpics, Recently I have been thinking of how Mordekaiser could be reworked, considering how he is planned on the Rework Agenda, so, I thought I share my idea. Keep in mind: A lot of the things coming up will be extremely overloaded overkill of design, and the kit I designed will under no circumstances ever be delivered like this (I hope). I post this as kind of an idea that I want Rioters to take in reworking my favourite champion. So, let's get into it then. Why A Rework? Mordekaiser is this mace-swinging undieing menace that enslaves his enemies after he dies, creating an army of undead. THAT'S NOT how he feels or plays in-game. First of all, thanks to the changes to Morde in the juggernaut update, Morde was forced into botlane. Riot then however proceeded to nerfing him, making that place in the game impossible for him. Seeing their mistakes, they luckely gave Morde the ability to use w without a support again, wich helped him get back in toplane a little. Still, his kit is broken, both torn between botlane and toplane, finding place in neither (he even got played in jungle in pro-play recently, that should say enough bout that). Besides all this, Mordekaisers kit is a bit clunky too, and could be a lot more interesting. Following that, here is what I tried doing: . Remove all traces of Riot forcing him bot . Reduce his damage reliabilty a little but give him some ACTUAL utility . Make his kit OVERLOADEDLY more interesting, to the point where writing it out makes my fingers sore Here is my change log (UNFINISHED, UNREFINED, IT'S FOR IDEAS NOT A FUCTIONING KIT) **Passive - Iron Man** Unchanged. This ability is completely unique, balanced and fitting for Morde. OPTIONAL: 30% damage reduction of damage from a distance on your shield. This so that MOrde has SOME kind of tool against damage sustain. Before we go into his base abilities, I'm introducing a new ultimate: **R - Drain (undetermined name, not Children of the Grave I think) ** AVAILABLE FROM LVL 1 (like Nida Jayce and Elise) CD : About 15-5 seconds sclaing from level Range: Around meelee (around 300) Mordekaisers targets an enemy (minions, monsters, champions, ANYTHING) and starts channeling for a few (2-4) seconds, dealing damage to the enemy based on max health (with ap scaling and MAYBE a scaling on how full charged his shield is, down below why), healing Mordekaiser for damage dealt and rooting the enemy. Special about this root is that you CAN use movement abilities like dashes and blinks, and doing so will stop the channel. During this time, Morde doesn't generate or degenerate shield, but enemies (including the drained one) can still damage the shield. Besides hard CC, this channel will also be stopped if an enemy makes Mordekaiser lose health (aka, it wont stop the channel as long as Morde still has shield)! Stopping Mordekaisers channel will stun Mordekaiser for a short while (counterplay and stuff). This ability is the replacement of Mordekaisers ult's life-yank portion. Except, it's not annoying DoT, but an actual short range channel to make it a little harder for Mordekaiser to survive by simply pressing R and rooting (haha get it) for a kill and ghost (about ghosts, you might wanna skip a part) The shield damage portion was an idea to make it slightly more balanced, basicly if you have full shield you did a lot of fighting, so you might wanna deal good damage too. This seems weird, but it works like with Darius: when you're in a longer fight with Darius, he'll have the BLOOD effect all over you, and his dunkin' donuts ult will be a lot more powerfull. BUT simply walking into a fight and ult you won't instakill you, thus it's balanced. Also, I wanted to make it harder for Mordekaiser to drain a target when he's not alone, so there is some way to make it harder to pull off. **Q - HEADCRUSHER (seems cool right?)** CD, cost and Damage unchanged, time between slaps about 1.5 secs, range ABOUT unchanged I made this an aoe spell (spell effects to every unit hit) that works similiar to abilities like Riven's Q and Yasuo's Q. This, so Mordekaiser feels a little more like he is slaying countless enemies on his fight to the end. And, cuz I added a little bonus >:D 1st and 2nd hit: Mordekaiser slams an arc in front of him (about 45 degress cone, but a damage radius of 225 to 325 (about attack range)), dealing damage and applying a 90% slow decaying over 1 second. Mordekaiser will apply on-hit to the champion closest the middle of the AoE, then the minion closest to it. 3rd hit: Mordekaiser hits the ground at an position 275 units away, dealing damage in an 150 unit diameter AoE apply the same slow. Within 50 diameter of the AoE, Mordekaiser will deal 250% damage, apply on-hit to the enemy champion nearest to the epicenter, then the minion nearest, and the debuff **Knocked Down** to the same target, wich will stun from 0.5 seconds to 2 seconds and increase the damage that drain does to the target for the same duration. The duration is affected by whether or not the target was hit by the last Q's or not: 0.5 for only 3rd hit, 1.25 for 1st or 2nd hit with 3rd, 2 for all hits. Besides an awesome damage and clearing tool, this thing now also makes Mordekaiser able to snatch some hp from the enemy if he gets to land his hits right. That's impossible to do to a mobile target you might say, but thats kinda the philosophy: those that are mobile are able to avoid this, can kill Mordekaiser by repeadiatly dodging his things. It's risky, but it's counterplay. AND BESIDES, you can still just poke Morde down from a distance. If I'd change that too hard he would be stupidly broken. **W - Harvestor of Sorrow** CD increased, Damage Increased, Cooldown starts after deactivating Removed Xp passive and casting on allies, for now we have this: Similair to Maokai ult, Mordekaiser activates a magnetic field for up to 10 seconds. _Over 6 seconds, the field will grow in size (200 to about 400-500), but so will his health cost._ (I put it Italic because I am not sure whether it's needed, but seems fun right?) He will also gain a burst of movement speed (75 to 100), that decays into a slow (-10 to -20) once the field is at max size. After 10 seconds or on recast, Mordekaiser draws the field back and heals for the damage it dealt over the nexr 3 seconds. The field will also collapse when Morde starts draining a target or gets affected by hard cc. In the latter one, the healing will be limited to how much Mordekaiser put into his W as health cost. No more botlane Morde. NO MORE. New W is a tool to help survive when enemies decide to hug you, it helps him make enemies stay away for his new Q. His small sprint is a compensation for removing the movement speed that used to be on the w, but it turns into a slow so that with max size you will lose stickiness a little. **E - Siphon of Destruction** Unchanged. Same as passive, this ability kinda forms Mordekaiser into who he is. ~~There are some highly experimental changes in the upcoming part though, so make sure you stick around ~~ **R - RESSURECT** Drain CD : same RESSURECT CD : about same as current ult for champions ~~ and epic monsters~~ and minions~~, halved for minions and monster enslaving~~ epic monsters have a global cooldown per team of 3 minutes after one died (in this time no new epic monsters can be revived on your team) After leveling his ult (by default lvl 6), his ult turns into RESSURECT, or GRAND REBIRTH, or IDK it's just an idea From now, if his Drain kills an enemy champion, he will enslave them, granting him a ghost for 45/60/75 secs. Also, there will be RESSURECTION indicators on corpses, lasting 10 secs. You can channel a cropse to produce ghost too. CHAMPION: Through Drain or RESSURECT, same as current ult MINIONS: There will be indicator over dead minion groups so you can ressurect them, up to a max of 5/6/7 minions at a time. All minions spawn as meelee minions, and super minions will spawn but take the seat of 4 normal minions. ~~MONSTERS: After your team or you clears a camp, it gets an indicator allowing you to ressurect the camp. turns ranged monsters meelee too, giving them more hp as compensation. Not for rift scuttler~~ EPIC MONSTERS: Dragon and Rift Herald will be ressurected after your team killed it and you did damage to it, killing your current ghost similair to the current Dragon Force. Rift Herald is now available too, so to compensate, there is a 3 minute cooldown after your epic ghost dies, in wich time you can't ressurect another epic ghost. SO you have to choose between herald or dragon. Herald is stronger and easier to reach from top but harder to get since there spawns only 1, and Dragon is a little weaker and harder to reach but easier to get. All ghost will get changes so their level and the stats that hold up to that level will be based on your level. After producing a ghost: Stat exchange like with current ult i'm uncertain about, but a similair concept like it should definitly stay Health costs damage will now be done exchanged between you and all your ghosts instead, if your low hp the ghosts will take the largest hit, if they're low hp you will. Controlling the same as with current Mordekaiser, except perhaps an indicator so you can see what your minions are doing where , like red for attacking a unit and blue for moving, and keep the recent changes to ghost ai too of course. For ghost groups, they should all try to stay together and attack things. Leash Range remains the same for all, 1125 units, now goes for epic ghosts too! New things involving ghosts are (besides bieing exceptionally optional) _. Q Stun will make minions and monsters jump on a **Knocked Down** target or something like that to kinda replace the fact that you dont have Drain ready. Perhaps, all ghost damage against these targets is increased based on enemy max hp and heals everyone IDK._ . W Also engulfes your ghost(s). Small minions ~~and monsters~~ do 25% damage, large minions ~~and monsters~~ 50% and champions and epic monsters 100%. Damage in area's will stack, up to a max of 150% of the original damage. The healing will heal Mordekaiser AND be shared among your ghosts. Damage areas are: 150 diameter for minions, 300 for champions, 600 for epic monsters. ~~. E Can be used to channel on your ghosts. Hold E on the ghost indicator or the ghost itself to start channeling and root the target ghost for 2-3 seconds. After that the ghost(s) will EXPLODE, dealing the damage of Siphon of Destruction to all units in an area around it, with the damage area diameter being based on how much current health the ghost had before you BLEW IT TO PIECES! It then puts Siphon of Destruction on cooldown~~ Phew, that was a lot of text. OK Explenation time This makes the whole rooting for a ghost-concept a thing of the past. If the enemy was commited in battling alone, you get a ghost. If an enemy was slain by your team and your team wins, you get a ghost. If you do Dragon, you get a ghost. Besides that there is the minion army thing. It's edgy, idk if it will work. I just threw it in there cuz it seems cool to command an undead army, but perhaps that a thing only Yorick will be able to do. For the explosion thing, that is an idea to make sure you can get rid of your ghosts. AND WHO DOESN'T LOVE UNDEAD-SPLOSIONS? OK that's it for today. Leave your thoughts, I'll be listening and answering as soon as I can. EDIT: Decreased Q range so its more around attack range, Made W go on cd if Morde gets cc'd Removed the E explosion thing. Designed it so you could get rid of minions, but Im planning to make the minions stronger and put it on the same res cooldown so there is now a choice: easy to get minion wave good for pushing weak for killing, or a champion thats harder to get but does both well. Dragon and Herald will now kill your current ghost(s) so that solves it too Removed monster ghosts. The idea was cool for jungle mordekaiser, but Im sure it won't work out. Do recommend jungle MOrde though, it is a pretty cool idea. Some changes after talking in the comments below: Removed Q slow effect (not stun) and Drain and Res (not sure what takes its place) and lowered E damage early, Lower healing ratio on W to compensate for nw stuff: New effect: (All Mordekaisers spells OR All Mordekaisers spells after E damaged it first) affect enemy champions with Torment, stacking 1 to 5, lasting 10 seconds, reducing Mr -5 to -25, and giving all your auto's and Q(only on the target that suffers the onhit) a 90% slow decaying over 0.3 to 1.5 seconds (all based on stacks). At obtaining 5 stacks or after doing spell damage to a target with 5, the target will suffer from a burn based on max hp, healing Morde from daamge dealt and giving shield like usual. **Knocking Down** a target with 5 stacks will make the burn deal MAJORLY increased damage. Basicly, his E will become a tool of applieing torment that makes enemy laners afraid of facing him, for when they do, his W and Q will quickly rack the stacks and cause them to burn. If Mordekaiser can use his AoE potential to make all of his opponents BURN, he'll be practicly invincible and force his enemies to GTFO, much like Illaoi r really. However, this is all in his basic kit and always up, but he can't just press one button and summon a buttload of tentacles, he has to rack it up on every enemy apart, and his Burn won't be as strong without stunning the enemy. This should compensate a bit for lack of mobility and make it a lot more interesting, and it will reduce the damage of E-ONLY harrassment. I dont really know a new R, but this should sate for now :P.
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