Gyntho - the swordsman archer

Nobody knows where Gyntho was born or where he comes from, he doesnt even know it himself, but he does now that a man gave him a bow that has blades on its edges so you could attack with them. Gyntho is a psychopath because he always lived alone. He is never standing up right and his right arm where his bowblade is, is always hanging just like that. P: Gyntho has a 525 aa range and dealing his normal aa dmg, if he is in a 300 range of an enemy he makes melee aa that deal 1,5 your normal dmg Q: he throws his bow like a cassiopea w from right to left with a thickness of a nida q and deals a good amount of dmg and slows the enemy for 80% for 0.3 sec W: he shoots an arrow with his next aa that targets the enemy, after reactivating it you jump onto this enemy and make 1,5x dmg of your melee aa E: you make a dmg spell that goes to the front of you and then he swinges his bowblade to the back on the right side of you. It has a range like a max range talon q to the front and it gets less until you reach the back of you, then it is the range of a max melee talon q. It slows the enemy for 1.5 sec for 20% R: You break your bowblade and you can only melee anymore, but you can reactivate your R twice and throw the half of your bowblade after your threw both of them, they get connected like a irelia e and you dash into the middle of there location and pick up your repaired bow again Rpassive: after making 6 melee aa your bowblade will break automatically and you activate your R without any mana cost and the cooldown is only half of the normal cooldown after it ends. Please write your opinion on that champion idea and what could be balanced or what seems broken, thanks :)
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