LP gain and lose based grade

I was thinking about how unfair it its for some ppl to perform super well and still losing because they got troll or a realy bad teammates and gaining same amount of lp as someone whos performing bad but gets carried or lucky. So i was thinking, how about giving those who perform better some benefits and punish those who perform badly. Basicly the gain and loss of lp would stay same as it always been, but those who lets say got S+ grade that game will either get +50% bonus lp (when win) or -50%lp (when lose), those numbers are ofc just for example. So lets say u normaly gain +20Lp for win and -20lp for loss with this method if u lose a game but have performed well like S+ or A+ u would only lose like -16lp but if performed bad like B- or C- would lose -23lp, same goes to wininng with good grade +23lp with bad +18lp. I would like to hear opinions from both Players and Riot on this thought.
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