Nunu Rework

Hello guys, I had some great ideas for a Nunu rework i want to share with you. In my opinion his Ingame Model, Gameplay and a few of his splash arts need a complete rework.Here are some of my ideas: **NOTE:** 1. I'm not a native english speaker so there will be a lot of mistakes. 2.I dont give AP scalings i just say if it scales "good" or "bad "with AP (or just if it scales at all) because im to bad at balancing the damage otherwise. 3.If i write Nunu i mean the Yeti. **NUNU:GAMEPLAY** **Passive:Winter is coming** Werever Nunu goes the terrain **freezes** into a more snowy landscape. Other players can see this on the map if they had vision to it. Nunu gains extra movement and attack speed in **frozen** terrain. The area where enemy minions walk and around enemy turrets can't be **frozen**. **Q - Winters Breath** **Passive:** Every fourth auto attack of nunu will be a Snowball (thrown by the little guy on his back) with bonus AP-scaling damage and 200 additional range. **Active:** Nunu roas in a direction (AoE; as big as mega gnars stun), deals damage (low base dmg; very good scaling), slows their movement speed by 50% and theyr attack speed by 25%. If the area is **frozen** he stunns all targets hit for 2 Seconds. **W - Consume** **Active:** ** Same ability as we have it now (Nunus Q). No changes.** **E - Call of the North** **Passive** Nunus passive freezes the area with a huger radius.(lvl up this ability let the radius become bigger.) **Active:** Nunu creates a huge area around him (as big as Phanteon ult) were all allies gain bonus attack speed and movement speed. If the area is **frozen** this buff is buffed by 50%. (Not as strong as Blood boil because all near allies get the buff). **R - Absolute Zero** **Active:** A blizzard comes to ALL frozen areas and in a very large circle around nunu (he can still move; double the radius of pantheon ult). **Effect on enemys**: max auto attack range (Champions): 500 max vision range (Champions): 600 max vision range (wards;minions): 100 max vision & attack range (towers): 200 Movent speed slowed by 50% Attack speed slowed by 25% **Effect on Allies:** Call of the North buff buffed by 50% **Effect on Nunu** Call of the north buff buffed by 50% 300 addintional vision range AoE damage scaling with AP around him (like a sunfire Cape) 100 additional auto attack range. **NUNU:MODEL,SKINS AND SPLASH ARTS** A lot of skins need new splash arts. Nunus ingame model needs an update too (maybe a mix with Megar gnar so hes more like an ape(not as big as megar gnar of course)) **Sasquatch/Christmas/TPA/Demolisher Nunu:** frozen areas still look the same. **Grungy Nunu:** Rift transforms into a dumb. **Nunu Bot:** It has to look like an awsome robot with new splash art and the rift transforms into a strange Hextech kinda thing...It would be great ;D . **THANK YOU FOR READING:** Please let me know what you think about my ideas. I will try to read and answer the comments but pls dont be disappointed if it takes a while.
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