Rylight, The Fallen Priest

Just something I thought would be cool since we don't have any male priest-like characters and the closest thing would be Soraka, but shes a star caller. General idea is a slim elf with brown or black hair (think like Jannas brother) in white and gold robes that change to black and purple when ulting (explained later on). Lore wise he'd be arrogant and with a ego due to his 'god-like' powers, thus he was expelled from the church of Demacia. In a fit of fury he went out to purge Noxians to prove himself however he has become corrupted by his powers and now is a balance of evil and good. **TL;DR** A Male Elf priest that shifts forms when ulting from holy to evil :P **ABILTIES** **Passive** - MS boost to allies whilst in holy form, MS boost when in evil form **Q** - a skillshot stun (think leo's ult but it takes time to drop and he cant move whilst chanting an incantion) that has to be channelled for 1sec **Q (ult form)** - black lightning bolt deals damage **W** - skillshot heal in an aoe of holy light ( takes time to go of) **W(ult form)** - a field of black lightning take slows(small slow like 15% could scale with lvl) and deals damage to enemy (think width of bards ult) **E** - Says an incantion for 1 sec and gives his team a shield with a small hot(heal over time) (scales of ap) **E(ult form)** - Says an incantation for 1 sec and gives his teams a black lightning shield (does small damage aoe like sunfire) (scales of ap) **R** - a toggle abilty that shifts his forms for a pure holy priest to a being of corrupted magic, he also gains a small ms boost when ulting **Sample Quotes** They change depending on his form, in holy form they will be mainly polite with a hint of his ego e.g. 'You should be honored to have me by your side' whereas in his evil form it would be more like 'Its a disgrace to have you by my side' with a voice changer like varus. Joke (evil) - joke?! (laughs), I'm looking at one Taunt (evil) - Are you afraid of my presence alone,(laughs) To Janna (holy) - awww my poor little sister, atleast you tried to help To Janna (evil) - Whats wrong little sister, do you not recognise you brother! how cruel of you **Appearance** I can't draw so here are some ideas on what he'd look like http://i.cubeupload.com/uVUjcV.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/94/78/d0/9478d008824dce2623c37a3505cae72b.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/ef/de/5d/efde5d0446a436be2bb629e0c0a15d6e.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/f4/2c/ef/f42cef79a96fcdaf57307b0af4df3fbd.jpg

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