Can Riot stop making these cutesy girly champions for supports?

Thanks for the which hundreath sparkly disney support champ. I literaly don't understand this company. Sometimes they do exactly what's needed and other times they just faceplant the keyboard. Supports don't need to be a completely innocent girls and boys who just want to "help everyone and make them happy". Yesh. Look you made some great dark and edgy supports({{champion:412}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:111}}) But you see,these guys are only a tiny minority to what majority of suppors are like ({{champion:37}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:143}}) . I've read somewhere a very interesting concept. A sort of drill sergeant support who hurts his own teammates to give them big buffs and make them more vigilant. Hell,you could even make some sort of slave master that uses his enemies to hurt other enemy champions,or has a pack of tamed dogs aiding him that could be upgraded. What I'm trying to say is supports don't need to be all shimmering girlish enchanters or catchers. There are indeed male and non-human champions but they are so few! Wouldn't it be more interesting if Yuumi was instead a haunted ionian spirit that went around possessing his teammates rather than being a cat and nothing more? Pyke was a good break,but please keep making darker support champions.

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