Let us chose icons in champion selects?

Hello everyone, I doubt I am the first to ever think about that but I personally like everything to be the same "brand" or "skin line" if you want to call it. For example if I pick champion like Kalista and I have Blood Moon skin on her, I also have the Blood Moon Icon on my account and when I eventually get Blood Moon ward that is what I call perfection and good skin combination (ye im blood moon lover). So going into Loading Screen Id feel good to look at it. Since they added the ward skins change in champ select I was wondering how hard would it be for Riot to give us this little "quality of life update" and allow us to change icons in the champ select as well. I mean these icons are useless and the only place you can "show off" with them is in the Loadind Screen. If Riot gives us this nice change and perhaps give some sales for ward skins and icons they will be better accepted and wasting RP on them wouldnt feel like a waste of money. What do you guys think? I also created a picture of how a little picture of how this feature might look. Cheers and thanks for reading! {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
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