All Seasons Zyra

Hi, I’m bored and have nothing to do. What do y’all think about an Ultimate skin for Zyra? I think that an “All Seasons Zyra” skin would be awesome! Just think. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter combined with Zyra. All Seasons Zyra will have four forms that you can toggle through by typing “/toggle” or pressing ctrl + 5. Like other ultimate skins, she comes with 4 icons that provide unique summoner profile banners when equipped. Not only that. But why not give Zyra four Seasons wards that when, even while being placed, will change form. Depending on Zyra’s form. Just like other ultimate skins, Zyra will have new voice lines and interactions and why not go all the way with the voice. Her voice can have a special effect on each season, for example,winter can have a chilling voice effect like Lissandra. Have special interactions with all the “Champions of the Jungle” (Nidalee, Neeko and Rengar), Lux (because of the New Dawn video), Maokai and Ivern. Even have some interactions with the jungle monsters. Now for the actual skin! Because Zyra is basically a manifestation of Kumungu Jungle, why not dra some inspiration from that. Here are some ideas! #1: Now Kumungu Jungle is the jungles of Surima, why not have some inspiration from Shurima as well. #2: Now that we know “exactly” where Zyra is from maybe have something that will give a “call back” to that. #3: And if neither of those then why not just create a new concept. For example, have Zyra being the manifestation of the season herself: “A delicate flower blooms deep within the Jungels of Kumungu, a flower so big that it could fit a human body. A flower that never dies, throughout the seasons the flower just glows and changes with the seasons and never moves. Until now!” So that’s just some of my ideas, what do y’all think, hope you like it!

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