Game mode idea - "Not so unique" - Removing the "unique" passives.

So the idea goes as follows, it's quite simple. We remove the "unique" part of any unique passives. Those days of stacking Sunfire Capes on Twitch/Evelynn/Teemo, along those lines. If someone wanted six Hydras, so they could change their combo to "QWER123456", let them combo away! ({{champion:107}} kaboom) If someone wanted six Spirit's Visage, they could increase self-healing to 120%, obnoxious healing inbound! ({{champion:8}} would be a happy blood mage...) If someone wanted six Thornmails, you'd best not auto-attack that guy, you might hurt yourself, okay?! ({{champion:33}} hue) If someone wanted six Rabadon's Deathcaps, well, they'd best hope their AP scaling is amazing! (Looking at you there, {{champion:20}} ult...) If someone wanted six Infinity Edges, CRITS FOR DAYS! (Stay away, {{champion:157}} ...) Of course there'd probably need some balancing debuffs/buffs put in place similar to URF's global buff... but I think it'd be cool to see some of the weirdly OP/beautifully strange combos summoners could pull off. But hey, it's just an idea. Feedback is welcome :3
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