sticky notes for teammates on loading screen

so we know that it is possible to read tooltips in loading screen so im wondering if riot can implement sticky notes or something along those lines on our summoner loading borders, so like a small sign on our border that when hovered over reads a message that we can write and update on our profile pages (these messages can only be seen by teammates) now i dont mean jokes or one liners on these notes, i mean thought processes that we take into games or just side notes for your allies to keep in mind, so i had this idea because i was thinking, since im playing a lot of yi if i had this note system i could have "i prioritize farming, dont expect ganks, play safe" and i started a new acc because i dont like jungle right now and im really passionate about bard so on that new acc i could have "rookie bard, keep in mind" these things could just be notes of you as a player, your general playstyle basically, so for example you could have notes such as "focus on jungle farm" "level 3 ganker, be ready" "i roam a lot" "i don't roam a lot" "no engage let me farm" "i perma push, watch my back" just simple side tips for your allies giving them info about your playstyle

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