champion idea: James the butler

just had a fancy idea of a champ (support) i'd love to see in game James the butler passive: "at your service" -> does the same as the guardian key stone in defence tree but u have to chose 1 champ on who i can proc only. Q: "who can i announce to my master" -> when the the chosen champ from passive is attacked the attacker loses 1-5 gold per aa and / or skill that hits W: "refreshments" -> same as bards W but when it upgrades it gives a random boost to attack or move speed instead of extra heal E: "let me open the door for u" -> "bows to his master ( the passive target ) granting the champ a random buff: move speed/attack speed/damage R: "payday" -> its the end of the month and James gets payed: steal 2-4-6 % gold from each enemy champ.
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