Skin suggestions

*in advance want to say sorry for language (english not first) and for some same ideas if one of you summoners suggested before or had in mind but not said. This discussion is written from phone so sorry for no pictures or some animations you all expected.* -Juggler Draven - as he like to throw axes, i had image of him in my head how he juggle them and laugh histerically after kill as some clown, maybe less than Shaco... So image of him could be like some French clown or pantomimer. -As pantomimer can be suggested new champion as well , Neko. As she can transform to other ally champs, why not to make her pantomimer too. -im little out of idea, but im open for your as well, so feel free to suggest some in comment. I had idea about Draven , so i rushed to write it till i forget. Ty, gl&hf

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