Visually stunning champ no one cares about

Aurelion was one of my fav champs and still remains as one tbh. i dont play asol as much as i used to but back then when they released it, i would take it down on the bot lane as supp :D anyway, imo, aurelion has the best basic skin among all champs, ALL of them. unfrotunately hes got only 1 skin which is more stunning that the basic one. its playstyle is different and not easily adaptable, but why does riot keep him in the darkness? yeah we've seen asol in lcs, but as long as i can remember, the team that picks it , never wins lol. why do they have to nerf him anyway? red buff does more dmg to you than asols ult at lvl 18 full build. wtf is that? the kit is quite different yeah but, buff him pls. dont tell me that if you play it correctly it is op. no it isnt. asol remains in the abyss where kindred used to be. people used to say that no one plays aatrox, guess what, i have never seen 1 sol through this year. feels BAD.
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