Traditional Skin for GP

Hello there. It's been 4 years since the rework and I think there are few people who still care about old GP. I agree he was kinda boring and needed a rework or at least some changes but back then i didn't really play him for his abilitys but rather for that funny pirate voice. So when he got his rework i stopped playing him. I absolutely hate the type of person he turned into. To me he's just another dude telling me how badass he is all the time and there are a lot of those in league. So in that sense he was actually more unique before the rework. I know most people like the new Gp. I'm not one of them. So I recently started playing him again and thought he's actually fun to play. But his new voice and the fact that nothing reminds me of his old personality really keeps me away from playing him. The champ I liked to play was just completely erased from the game. He looked different, he sounded different, he was different. I read somewhere the reason riot stopped making traditional skins in general was because if they did they woudn't 100% believe in their work. This might be reasonable regarding gameplay but design is just (mostly) opinion. So when riot decides to give a champ a complete personality shift why not give those who liked the old one a skin so that everyone is happy? Anyway I hope to see some kind of traditional Gp (maybe call him young GP?) one day with his old voice and his old q sound. I even found splash art of how I always thought a GP rework should have looked like. (Sry if this doesn't belong here)
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