5 Elements as Champions

It would be 5 champions, withouth gender Water Fire Earth Air Quintessence They would be from different parts of runeterra Water - it would be formed with the waters of Bilgewater Fire - it would be formed with the grand fire and destruction of Noxus Earth - it would be formed of the earth of the first lands in Ionia Air - with the caos winter of Freljord Quintessence - strong electric shocks of the machines in Piltover They would only be life forms, with the objective of destroying everything in their way Leaving only caos behind them The only ones who could stop them would be magic pure related champions in every state of runeterra Such as - Lux, Taliyah, Ryze, Sona, Karma, I know it sounds silly and impossible since there are already champions with those elements in their hands such as Janna - Air Taliyah - Earth Brand - Fire Water - Nami Quintessence - Any kind of ''machine'' champion in league But could you imagine, maybe even as a game mode Where you had to survive those elements all together Sorry for waisting your time, i just had that idea in my head and needed to spit it out. My english is terrible, i know, it could be worse. With that said: Have an amazing day!
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