Lowering the cost of an account's first name change

I made the grave mistake of naming myself wyvexin, so basically I thought wyvern and the word xin because it sounds cool but little did I know there was a champion I despise called xin zhao. Now everyone I meet and know thinks I'm a xin one trick, so I wanted to change my name but it costs way too much for a new player, I don't have a lot of champions and I'm still collecting my champion pool, so either I have to slave away for two-three weeks to get enough BE (it would ruin the game for me lvl 46 so it will take longer) or I can go ahead and buy riot points which sadly I can't since where I live it's impossible to buy stuff online. (don't want to change my account) The idea is to lower the cost of the first name changing to half (7450) so mistakes like this won't suck this hard (for the first time ofc)
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