shen (the hardest champion to get s+ with) rework ideas

{{champion:98}} I took my time to see a lot of videos on youtube before replying ,on how some challenger players ''get even'' during lanning phase. although shen is not picked so often . Also to learn how these players deal with heavy poke champions like gnar , teemo ..... . #I can say that I noticed the following things on top shen players: -since shen is usually pushed back to his tower .If you ult someone you immediatly lose your tower. -farming against heavy poke champions is only possible under tower or when the opponent back to base . - his W is useless against champions who deal damage with abillities , and I think a human brain is unable to predict when a champion is attacking with an ability or with an autoattack. -the couldown on shen's E is relatively long. -because of shen's low farm and KDA shen is the hardest champion to get S+ with. #On jungle shen players : -the clear is extremly slow. -shen has no kill potential unlike other junglers , he only gets assists which makes him unable to carry games and get perfect KDA. -shen cannot outjungle opponent junglers. #All these imperfections makes him so hard to climb with in ranked in these two roles . That is why shen is only played as a support on high elo. (A support ninja ). Yes playing support is the only way to prevent your team from losing top towers , as well as having a slow jungler that has no killing potential . But shen is not even close to the perfect supporter , his kit makes him leave his adc so often to save other players which makes his adc vulnerable and easy to get killed . (How does higher elo players play support shen?) They totally ignore the ultimate and play only with taunt and autoattacks , yes the overallmap pressure is at the same time an overall vulnerability to shen's lane. Ok , how to deal with that , without making shen so overpowered? *********There are three effective reworks that riot can do (one of them and not the three at once ): #If they want to focus on his utility and his map presence.: [Adding a comeback possibility to his ultimate :(press R to save your ally ,and after a little amount of time press R and go back.(this is so powerful, right? He can't get killed after using ultimate ?) Here is another variation of it (press R to save the ally and if not hit for a few seconds you can go back to your previous position ) this will make his ultimate more usable without causing a tower loss]. #And if they want to make him more as a ninja champion : they definitly have to work on his farm and kill potential .either by reducing his taunt cooldown or adding a ranged ability or at least giving his Q some damage instead of only slowing effects (when you press Q shen brings his sword towards him ,increase his damage and autoattack range + deal damage to enemies around him in a certain radius , this will help his clear speed ). ( I know that shen is not supposed to win his lane but not winning lane and at the same time having a so low farm makes the champion as weak in laning phase as in the late phase ). #If they want to make him more of a tank , which is the worst thing for a ninja : they probably should make his W dodge all abilities instead of only autoattacks. As well as reducing it's cooldown . I don't see where is the utility in the actual shen , he can play a lot of roles but cannot carry at any of them. I'm pretty sure that these changes are moreorless balanced , and can probably make him more playable in ranked . I believe that RIOT is a big company and can balance playstyle diversity without impacting the fun part of the game . but leaving a champion weak and unplayable in ranked games is defenitly not a good idea . I think the best idea is to make a move , try new things , if they seem unbalanced or overpowered they can nerf again untill at somepoint the champion becomes neither autowin nor so weak. Thanks for considering this . and please let me know what you think about these three proposals , which one is better , and also do you find shen extremly hard to get s+ with or am I the only one struggling with that ?

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