Versus event 2019

Will Zed and Shen get their versus event next year? they both deserve a legendary skin and they are both really popular, MAYBE, as a guy that studies marketing and management I think that this will be a great idea, you could give Zed a really beautiful shadowmaster concept (EXPERIMENTAL NAME) and a really beautiful Eye of twilight concept for shen (experimental). This will be GREAT for them since their last skins were this/last year but in 2019 they will both have their last skins 1 year old, that's just my advice, I know that every skin is hard and every skin takes time so I decided to say all of that pretty early, they are one of the greatest rivalries and their skins could look like one of them is a MUCH BETTER version of default zed and the other a MUCH BETTER version of Shen with better armor, more beautiful blade and overall new taunts and abilities
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